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Breathe Pro is a science backed professional breathing training course, your guided way to relaxation. Breathe in and out to relax and to become calm with gorgeous scenes from around the world.

It is a beautifully and easy breathing training course, and the app measures your stress level with the camera while breathing.

The 7 most important things Breathe Pro is good for:

1. Instant stress relief
2. Reducing anxiety
3. Better sleep
4. Lower the risk of burnout syndrome
5. Preventing cardiovascular diseases
6. Improving Heart Rate Variability
7. Reducing migraine


+ A research-backed 28 Day Breathing Training Program
+ Breathing training cycle from 5:5 to 2:8 seconds
+ You may repeat the training as often you want
+ Measurement of your stress resistance level during the training
+ Tracks your improvements
+ Takes you on a mindful journey around the globe
+ Let send you post cards from around the world

How does the measurement work?

The measurement and tracking of the Heart Rate Variability with the smartphone camera while you are breathing gives an medically proven indication of how good your stress resistance is.
On a day to day basis, improve your breathing techniques and gain a much better Heart Rate Variability to avoid burnout and stress related cardiovascular diseases.

Technical issues:
We are detecting the heart rate variability with the smartphone camera. For better precision we are supporting only iPhones with 120fps and more, all models of series 6, 7, 8, X
iPads are not supported due the lack of an LED..

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버전 2.1

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Some Bug Fixes for new iPhones

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