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ifunto Lite


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iFunto Lite

iFunto : Fun + Photo

What if your girlfriend appeared on the cover of Playboy magazine?
What if your boyfriend was on the “Most Wanted” poster?
What if you could travel to any of the world’s beautiful destination for free?
What would you do if all this was possible?

Everything you imagine can be possible with iFunto!
You still cannot believe it? Try iFunto right now!
With just your photo iFunto will let you have an experience that you will never forget! One you will be able to keep with you.

With your photograph, iFunto will merge it with fun and interesting background …you will not be able to stop laughing.
iFunto is very easy to use, with just three simple steps.

One: Choose a background that you like
Two: input personal photograph
Three: Use simple editing tools

Take a photograph with your iPhone or save your picture file onto iFunto.

- In full version (not in Lite version)
Choose among the various background themes. 12 catagories and more than 170 backgrounds
(Sports, Game, Money, Media,Poster,Tour,Face,Building,Billboard,Art,Ads,ETC)

Any unauthorized copying and distribution of iFunto is forbidden.
For more detailed information please visit our website at:

1.6 버전의 새로운 기능

2 backgrounds updates

iPhone 스크린샷

iPhone 스크린샷 1
iPhone 스크린샷 2
iPhone 스크린샷 3
iPhone 스크린샷 4
iPhone 스크린샷 5

사용자 리뷰


아이디어는 좋은 거 같은데 배경 선택한 후 삽입할 사진을 선택하고 나면 튕겨서 쓸 수가 없어요ㅜㅜ써보고싶은데..도와주셔요ㅜㅜ


왜팅기나요ㅜㅜ4s인데 조치취해주세요


사진 앨범 누르고 사진선택하면 튕김

ifunto Lite
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  • 무료
  • 카테고리: 사진 및 비디오
  • 업데이트:
  • 버전: 1.6
  • 크기: 9.5 MB
  • 언어: 영어
  • 개발자:

호환성: iOS 2.2.1 버전 이상이 필요. iPhone, iPad 및 iPod touch와(과) 호환.

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