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iGoBeat HD

iGoBeat 제작

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Beatmaps download link:

iGoBeat 2.1
1. Advanced ranking system with medal. Challenge different songs to earn and collect different your medal.
2. New surface and GUI. The game now just look cooler than before!
3.New game themes added. You can beautify your game with much wider choices.
4. My favor document. We enhance the song management function and now you can create your folder to sort your songs
Playing adjustment
5. Holding taps adjustment. In this version you can see how long the holding notes will last.
6. Note showing hints. The game will display the position of coming note as early hint when you start the game or continue to play from pausing.
7. Additional game pace adjustment function. The game now allow player to adjust the timing of note showing based on BPM.
8. Other small bugs fixed.
9. Dual language support. Now you can choose either Chinese or English to display the game.

About iGoBeat
iGoBeat is a fantastic new generation music game for iPad/iPhone. It allows the players to simulate the performance of pop music by tapping, swiping and holding your fingers on the touch screen. And, this game is FREE!!

Before you download this game: The game itself does NOT provide any original music. In order to play iGoBeat, please synchronize the music you have into your iPad from your iTune library, and you need at least one song, which is in the music list of the current version of iGoBeat, in your iPod library. If you don't have any of these songs, please refer to the link in the game of iTunes Store for previewing or buying the music. If you already have some or all of the songs, please name these songs and their singers correctly based on our music list, then iGoBeat can automatically search the corresponding songs for you. Please make sure that the name of the songs as well as the singers are consistent with the official information from iTunes.

The game includes tutorial, easy, normal and hard modes. Just follow the steps and we believe you will find the spirit of the game in the hard mode.

We have spent a lot of time and effort making this game, however, it is still far from perfect. Our team will keep working on it and more features will be available in the near future. You can also send us the itune links for songs which are not included in iGoBeat and you would like to play. We will try our best to fulfill your requests. Don’t forget to give it a good rate if you like this game and any advice and comments will be appreciated. Thank you for playing iGoBeat!!

2.2.3 버전의 새로운 기능

On the basis of intellectual property laws and regulations, we adjust the app keyword search.

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iGoBeat HD
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  • 무료
  • 카테고리: 게임
  • 업데이트:
  • 버전: 2.2.3
  • 크기: 80.5 MB
  • 언어: 영어
  • 개발자:

호환성: iOS 4.3 버전 이상이 필요. iPad와(과) 호환.

사용자 평가

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인기 앱 내 구입

  1. 10000 BeatPointsUSD 1.09
  2. Remove AdsUSD 1.09
  3. Dream themeUSD 1.09
  4. Fantastic themeUSD 1.09
  5. Metal & Flame ThemeUSD 1.09
  6. Chinese Classic ThemeUSD 1.09
  7. Moe Pack 01USD 1.09
  8. Mole ThemeUSD 1.09
  9. Robo5 ThemeUSD 1.09