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Katakune Eps 6 -10 – “Little Incidents”

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Katakune - An Award-winning Cartoon Series for Preschoolers

Katakune is a delightful and award-winning 3D animated cartoon series created for children 2 to 6 from Character Farm. Already broadcasted in TV stations around the world, Swag Soft has now licensed Katakune to be distributed as iPhone applications.

What Does Katakune Teach?

Katakune is designed to fill the gaps where most preschooler cartoons fail to do so. While most preschooler cartoons focused mainly on things like counting and spelling, Katakune places emphasis on social interaction and EQ based topics.
Educational and entertaining, Katakune shows children simple ways to deal with complex concepts of social responsibility, friendship, life skills and value systems. Subjects in basic science, geography, mathematics, health and hygiene, environmental issues and creativity are dealt with too.

What’s in Every Katakune Application?

Every application contains 10 minutes’ worth of beautiful animation, broken down into 5 easy to watch episodes, all evolving around a universal theme. It could be about social topics like honesty, friendship, responsibility, learning or fun discovery topics like hot air balloons, plants, food, tea, toys, etc.

Every application also contains beautifully rendered wallpapers from the episodes and trivia regarding the characters and every episode.

There are a total of 52 delightful Katakune applications to collect!

What’s in This Application?

Episode 6 – Christmas Hats

It’s Christmas and Katakune is opening presents from Benny, Louie and Tyko. To Katakune’s surprise they’re all Christmas hats! Which one should Katakune wear so that he doesn’t offend anyone? Katakune gets a bright idea and wears all of them at the same time!

Objective – A feel good story to illustrate how we should be appreciative to kind gestures from others.

Episode 7 – Buying a Pen

Katakune needs to buy a pen and sets out with money in his pouch. Along the way he gets distracted by sweets, cakes and toys. So instead of buying a pen, Katakune ends up buying lots of things he doesn’t really need!

Objective – Inculcates in kids to keep their mind on the task at hand and not to be distracted, and also instils simple money management sense in them.

Episode 8 - The Right Bait

Katakune is very excited to be going fishing for the first time. But Katakune is trying to catch fish by using leaves as bait, so no wonder he hasn’t caught anything! Later on, Katakune does catch something, but it’s not quite what he expected!

Objective - Gives kids the idea to try out fishing as a new experience.

Episode 9 – No More Sweets
Benny is looking rather chubby these days, and he is determined to lose weight by not eating sweet foods anymore. Poor Benny has to turn down all the offers of cakes and ice cream. But Benny finally loses his resolve and ends up eating a whole plate of pudding! He finds that eating healthily is actually better way to diet.

Objective - Inculcates in kids healthy eating habits and illustrates to kids that ignoring certain food types is not the right way to achieve a healthy diet.

Episode 10 – Where is Everyone?
Katakune is looking for playmates, but none of his friends are at home. Katakune gets upset thinking that they have all deserted him. But actually his friends are just on their way over to play with Katakune. Now Katakune feels silly for misunderstanding everyone!

Objective - Inculcates in kids not to jump to conclusions too quickly.

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Katakune Eps 6 -10 – “Little Incidents”
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