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Mechanical Clock 3D Lite

3Planesoft 제작

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Ever wondered how a clock works? Want to see all the "internals"? Get this magnificent, realistic animated wallpaper - Mechanical Clock 3D Lite.

- high-quality 3D graphics and effects
- showing current time
- screen saver mode
- tick-tock sound
- multi-monitor support with monitor selection
- removing dock icon
- autostart at login
- doesn't prevent your computer from going to sleep

Additional features in the full version:
- Gold color scheme
- chimes every hour and every half hour


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Translations to German, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian.


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Mechanical Clock 3D Lite
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  • 카테고리: 엔터테인먼트
  • 업데이트:
  • 버전: 1.1.0
  • 크기: 14.1 MB
  • 언어: 독일어, 러시아어, 스페인어, 영어, 이탈리아어, 프랑스어
  • 개발자:

호환성: OS X 10.6.6 버전 이상

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