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Mellel is a sophisticated, time-tested, word processor, designed for writing long and complicated documents, books, manuscripts, dissertations, and more.

Also check out Mellel for iPad - Mellel for Mac’s young, able and nimble brother product.

Mellel comes equipped with a unique set of tools, allowing you to control every aspect of your footnotes, track changes, cross-reference, table of contents, citations, text boxes, images, bibliography, sorting, styles, lists, and so on - while keeping things well in control via its superb Outline pane.

• A real work-horse: Mellel will remain agile and reliable writing a simple letter or a 400 pages long manuscript with hundreds of notes, images, citations, text boxes, headings and cross-references
• Reliability: Mellel works as promised. It doesn't crash, nor will it harm your documents. If you're looking for a tool to trust your valuable manuscript with - Mellel is it
• True multilingual support: Multilingual support is not an afterthought with Mellel: it was written from the ground up as a multilingual word processor. You’ll find in it the best support for languages such as Arabic, Hebrew and Syriac, not to mention Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Greek, Cyrillic languages, and more

Advanced Writing Tools
• Footnotes and Endnotes: Mellel offers the best set of tools for footnotes and endnotes, with quality layout and control over every aspects of notes - including unique features such as support for multiple note streams
• Cross Reference: Mellel offers the best support for cross-references, bar none. You can reference anything, anywhere in your document, with amazing ease and flexibility and instant updating
• Headings and titles: A superb tool allowing you to set the style, numbering, repeating elements, multi-part headings, and much more
• Bibliography support: Mellel offers superb support for citations, including Live Bibliography, scan and un-scan, smart styling of citations, manuscript and final citations, and a host of other advanced bibliography features
• Table of contents: Mellel allows you to design your table of contents, set exactly how it will look, ordered and what it will include, and update your ToC in a matter of seconds
• Paragraph control: Allows you to control and style alignment, spacing before and after, margins, hyphenation, keep with next, and many other features
• Text and Character: With Mellel you can easily control how your text will look, from text stroke to baseline shift to the colour, thickness and shape of your double underline
• Text boxes: Insert text boxes, align them anywhere you like, set background and frames, corner radius, and flow text around the text box
• Word Count: Mellel doesn't just count words, it also allows you to set what to count, and enumerate citations, tables, images, headings and footnotes
• Images: Set wrapping of text around images, frame, fill, opacity and many other features. A big plus, it actually works instead of messing up your document
• Running headers: have your headers change with the chapters and sub-chapters in the document

Manage Your Document
• Outline: allows you to view your entire document, organise and reorder it
• Track Changes: track changes from multiple sources, and collaborate with multiple editors and writers
• Find and replace: Mellel supports a regular-expression-like language, and also allows you to save find actions and organise them in sets you can easily run to make multiple changes
• Style sets: enables you to manage and streamline your page, column, note, list, paragraph, and character styles - and keep them consistent between documents

3.5.1 버전의 새로운 기능

• Using bundle id to identify bibliography (reference) manager
• Fixed a bug that caused Mellel to crash when modifying or extending a table selection using the arrow keys
• Fixed a bug that caused selecting a line weight of less then 1 to always become zero on systems where the decimal separator is a comma
• Fixed a bug that caused Mellel to crash after dismissing a text box or an image attributes pop-over with 10.9
• Fixed a bug that caused Mellel to crash when opening the a text box or an image attributes pop-over under 10.8
• Fixed an issue that caused Mellel to keep displaying the delete and edit buttons of an image/text box at the bottom of the first page after deleting the image/text box
• Fixed several issues that prevented using bullet lists in comments
• Fixed an issue that caused text in a text box to look a slightly fuzzy with some printers
• Several fixes with localizations

New with version 3.5:
• Text boxes: You an now add smart text boxes into Mellel, controlling every aspect of them via a handy pop-over
• Text box features: you can set the width and height of a text box, set the padding, the fill colour and transparency, frame type, and colour and corner radius
• Styling within text boxes: You can style text in text boxes, including paragraph and character attributes and styles, lists and so on.
• Inline and floating: text boxes can float or be anchored to a position in the text (inline)
• Flowing text around text boxes: Text can be made to flexibly flow around text boxes
• Overflow Indicator: clearly identifies a text box with text overflow, allowing you to set things right
• Fitting text boxes width and Height: Make boxes wider or taller to fit the text within it properly
• Smart Snap for text boxes: you can align text boxes to images, to other text boxes, to the page and writing area centre and edges
• Text boxes in footers and headers: you can now design your headers and footers with a text box
• RTF Export and import: of text boxes and their attributes
• Smart Snap for images: you can align imges to text boxes, to other images, to the page and writing area centre and edges
• Corner radius for images: allowing you to have the round rect you’ve always pined for
• Dashed image frames: you can now set the frame to have dashes, dots, etc. as the frame type
• Free Weight You can now edit the Weight of lines (in notes, columns, images, text boxes, etc.) using either set measurements (hairline to 5pt) or setting any other value you'd like to have there
• Various Improvements: Mellel can now put raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens... OK, not really, but there are numerous under the hood and over the counter improvements making the Mellel experience much smoother
• Fixed Bugs: many, many bugs were securely removed from Mellel, making Mellel more bug-free then ever (if you really miss bugs, you can still find them in other applications, though)


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  • USD 42.89
  • 카테고리: 생산성
  • 업데이트:
  • 버전: 3.5.1
  • 크기: 137 MB
  • 언어: 그리스어, 네덜란드어, 덴마크어, 독일어, 러시아어, 루마니아어, 부크몰 노르웨이어, 스페인어, 영어, 이탈리아어, 일본어, 중국어(간체), 체코어, 포르투갈어, 프랑스어, 핀란드어, 히브리어
  • 개발자:

호환성: OS X 10.6 버전 이상

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