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Mixtikl Free

Intermorphic Ltd. 제작

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Mixtikl's a powerful all-in-one generative music & audio loop mixer and cell sequencer. You’ve 12 tracks & 380 generative templates to play with, edit and arrange & you can even add in your own audio loops. When you've made your mix, record it to audio, MIDI or even tweet/email it!

Who rates it? Computer Music Magazine said Mixtikl's end results “are really in a class of their own when it comes to generative music”. Mixtikl users have said things like "Easily the best music app I have", "astounding", "Just. Buy. It."

Why get Mixtikl? Because with it you can:
• Have mixing, mashing, creative fun!
• Easily use both audio loops & generative music
• Create royalty free music / soundscapes: ambient, drone, EDM etc.
• Tweet your custom mixes and even include words & tap voices!
• Mix together pieces you've created in Mixtikl with its big brother Noatikl (not included)
• Create / share / edit Mixtikl mixes for use in Mixtikl Mobile (not included)
• Learn about modular synth sound and FX design
• Join the active Mixtikl user community

How it works
Simply add some of the included content (generative or Tiklpak audio loops) to one of the cells and then play - it will be time stretched and/or beat matched as necessary! Each cell can be looped, sequenced or triggered (and a lot more customisation besides!) so that you can have content playing against each other.

Key Mixtikl features:
• 12 tracks for mixing + 380 customisable generative elements & 30 audio loop beats + 50 FX presets
• DLS MIDI / modular synth with a range of: Tone Generators, FX units (Chorus, Reverb, Filter, Distortion, ODrive, Delay, EQ, Compressor, Amp) and FX control units
• Play & record (live or mixdown) at up to CD quality (user configurable, device dependent)*
• Use your mix recordings (audio/MIDI) royalty free in videos, films, cds etc.
• Use your own WAV/ Ogg audio loops*
• Use your own Paks, and transfer in/out recordings & mix files*
• Make mic audio recordings for use in local mixes (ext mic required if no internal mic)
• Export / import fun music mix "mixtikls" - for tweeting, email etc.
• Many more ... see the Mixtikl User Guide for detailed information on all features

Why Generative Music?
Generative music is "endless music created by a system". People want to explore it for a whole host of reasons - from wanting to break creative block to an urge to try something different; from pure musical curiosity to wanting to create endless music with a system; from reading about it to - well, you will have your own reasons!

More info, user guide etc:

Desktop Audio Plugins:
• Not included but available separately

Support & Notes:
• Note: In-App Purchase required to unlock some features
• Note: Refer to relevant EULAs / restrictions for any Tiklpak or 3rd party content used
* Mixtikl Mobile - Sonoma AudioCopy, AudioPaste & Apple General Pasteboard, iTunes App File Sharing, Audiobus

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5.5.5 버전의 새로운 기능

New: DLS Layer wavetable support
Fixed: intermittent menu display problem at application start
Fixed: rare crash on stopping playback


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Mixtikl Free
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  • 무료
  • 카테고리: 음악
  • 업데이트: 2013.09.25
  • 버전: 5.5.5
  • 크기: 13.6 MB
  • 언어: 영어
  • 개발자: Intermorphic Limited

호환성: OS X 10.7 버전 이상, 64비트 프로세서

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