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Stay in touch with your loved ones, find new friends, do business... and translate all chats. With one billion registered users in 80 countries, QQ is one of the most popular communication apps in history. More than 100 million people logged in at any time and endless opportunities that will unfold at your fingertips.

Video calls, voice chats, and rich texting. Overcome language barriers with the built-in translator and share photos with friends.

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Voice Chat - Tired of typing? Send a voice message to your friends and save plenty of time
Video Chat - The best way to cut down distances! QQ offers high-quality, free video calls between users
Qzone - Don’t keep your best moments for yourself: sharing is caring, and Qzone makes it easier
Multi-user Discussions - Create multiuser chats on the fly and stay in touch with your friends wherever you are
Multi-device Sharing - Manage and transfer files across your QQ-connected devices
File Transfers - Sharing media and documents with your QQ contacts is a breeze
Phone Book - Find your friends and be found through your phone contacts
Contacts Management - Arrange and organize your contacts into categories (e.g. family, work…)
Group Assistant - Too many group messages? Group Assistant handles them for you
Message Roaming - Access your QQ chat history and recent messages from all your devices

새로운 기능

버전 4.8.7

-Support the minimization function of video chat window .
-Fix iPhone X,Optimize the experience of iPhone X.
-Repairing the error of using iOS 11.

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