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What is the difference between activity and productivity? Results. Being active doesn’t mean one is getting results.

SalesScore is a sales productivity tool that helps you make your activity productive. It does this by breaking sales into the steps of contacting someone (prospect or client), asking for an appointment, setting an appointment, having the meeting, doing a presentation and getting the close. You can also include asking for and getting referrals.

Based on your yearly income target and how successful you are at “closing the deal”, SalesScore calculates a daily and weekly point target. As you go through your day, SalesScore keeps track of how many points you have accumulated for your actions and whether or not you have made your daily target.

- Stay focused on activity that leads to productivity
- Work with a daily points target
- Customize points for each activity
- Keep track of your ratios (i.e. presentations/close, contacts/close, kept appointments/set appointments)
- See graphs of your daily and weekly point totals
- Customize your own Bonus actions – things you do to increase your productivity
- Avoid “Negatives” - activities that prevent you from achieving your goals

SalesScore is designed to be customized for each individual whether you are a consultant, telemarketer, salesperson, etc.

Bonus Points

In addition, we have added bonus points that you may believe are essential to your productivity. For example, an advisor may consider sleeping at least 8 hours a bonus point whereas another may use working out and another would use both as bonus points.


We added a section where you know you are just wasting time. It is something that keeps you honest when looking at your numbers. Here are some examples that people have used as a negative activity: surfing the Internet, chatting with friends, reading the newspaper, having lunch with a colleague. Or if you want to just want to create an action that is called “Time Waster” you can and this will take care of them all. Anytime that you have entered as a Negaitve action will deduct from your daily points.

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호환성: iOS 3.1.3 버전 이상이 필요. iPhone, iPad 및 iPod touch와 호환.

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