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Sadowverse is a professional capture app.
Updating the information in the preliminary report, such as the latest official information and capture roundup.

Since the Sadowverse users of the bulletin board is also rich, you can easily exchange and the exchange of information between users to enjoy the same game.

Check of capture information about Sadowverse is OK if there is one this app.

About implementing functions in the capture app
■ News
You can crisp check, such as the official information and the latest capture information about Sadowverse.
Also popular article because to let you know in a regular push notifications, is useful because only the easily can check the topic of information even if you do not stick to the app.
(To receive a popular article information, please allow the push notification. It is also possible to turn off later)

■ picture book
You can see the latest card data and evaluation information.

■ Cheats
You can see the useful information to the capture of Shadobasu such as Sadowverse game in the glossary and deck construction method of

■ Wanted bulletin board
You can recruit friends and opponents in Sadowverse

■ Q & A bulletin board
You can consult on deck building and strategy.

■ chat bulletin board
Please use as a place of Sadowverse between users exchange. Theme to the limit is not

※ This application is an unofficial app of "Sadowverse" and are not affiliated with the management company like.
※ all of the functions of the viewing and writing, etc. in this app can be used free of charge.
※ In the writing of the bulletin board, writing the slander and other users feel uncomfortable, please do not post. "

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