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Shell Shock 1.5 LLC 제작

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Price reduced to $.99 (Thank you for your years of support!)
Shell Shock!

★ Thanks to all the version 1 owners! 1.5 is the release I wanted to release as an update to the original Shell Shock game, however I was unable to release it as I had originally intended, so, I've decided to release it as 1.5 as-is until v2 is ready for release. Shell Shock v2 Will include the full version of Shell Shock v1!

The release notes:
★ 5 all new Levels! Levels 8, 11, 13 are completely new while levels 29 and 30 have been added to the ice planet levels to finish off that collection!

★ Most all levels have been updated with new shading/lighting/efx making the experience of the game levels even more engaging. Check out the Snow levels!

★ All new UI and controls! Slide your finger on either side of the screen to increment the angle and power now. Roll your finger for finer adjustments or use the +/- buttons at the bottom of the screen to fine tune your shots.

★ New HUD! MUCH improved HUD information displaying level, time, enemy count and shell count. The bottom HUD shows you angle and power information and provides you fine tuning +/- buttons should you want to adjust those values in that fashion.

★ New Angle HUD indicator to help see precisely where your barrel is aimed.

★ Changed the way shots were detecting collisions. Now, it's a pin point accurate shot with even the most challenging terrains! This has increased the level of difficulty on the Veil of Darkness levels considerably. Instead of easy arcs, many of the more difficult targets are now truly behind the barriers as I'd originally intended - making the game play on those particular levels much more interesting and a challenge!

★ Removed OpenFeint. There were several complaints and issues with Open Feint plugin and as a result, it's been removed from the game to eliminate crashes and bugs beyond my control. I will be looking into GameCenter integration in a later release. Thanks for your patience.

Thank you to all the loyal fans of Shell Shock and your support. If you have a moment, I would really appreciate a rating/review on this release. I could really use the support if you feel the game warrants a rating.

Thanks again for your patience as well - I continue to strive to make Shell Shock an enjoyable and engaging game, and your patience and feedback make that possible

★ Shell Shock is the classic "angle & shoot" game where the player uses angle and power to fire rockets over obstacles at their targets. Just sit back, have fun and blow stuff up!

★ New types of obstacles have been created for this style of game, taking it to a whole new level! Moving objects, shielded cannons with rotating shields, and more!

★ Created from the ground up, this version of a the timeless classic arcade game brings a rich visual experience with a powerful set of music scores! The environments are filled with detail and ambience to enhance this classic game style!

★ Work your way through 30 levels of full 3D environments along with a beautiful sound track and sound efx!

★ Classic Tank Arcade Game Play
★ Easy to use and intuitive controls
★ Rich, Beautiful 3D environments
★ Magnificent explosions!
★ 3 Worlds to explore: Earth (training), World of Metal, Ice Planet
★ Realistic physics simulation
★ Powerful sound fx and music score
★ Play with your own music if you like!

★★★★★ Also check out Apples n' More in the app store!

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Shell Shock 1.5
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  • USD 1.09
  • 카테고리: 게임
  • 등록일:
  • 버전: 1.5
  • 크기: 46.9 MB
  • 언어: 영어
  • 개발자:

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