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Now with selectable pitch; "fractional beats" and "tala phrases" in Make Your Own Talam

Talanome is a full-featured, intuitive, easy to use Metronome app (for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) for every Carnatic musician, dancer, teacher and student of Carnatic Music and Dance!

With “Make Your Own Talam”, it is not restricted to Carnatic Music - you can create any beat sequence you like. Explore other genres of rhythm, or create your own, and share with your friends! In the “live” mode, you can provide the tala in real time from the rich variety of sounds offered. This would be great, for example, with bhajans or Bharatanatyam dance.

"A musician or dancer needs to acquire an ability to maintain an even tempo (kalapramanam) if the finer nuances of rhythm are to be mastered" - From "The Illustrated Companion To South Indian Classical Music" by Ludwig Pesch

Keep up with a perfect beat, choose your tala with ease, and learn about Carnatic Talas along the way!

With Talanome, you get:

* 181 Talas, including
* 175 Suladi Sapta Talas (the system of Talas currently in vogue in Carnatic Music today)
* 6 Chapu Talas (Tisra, Khanda, Misra, Viloma, Sankeera & Rupaka Chapu)
* With “Make Your Own Talas” - explore more exotic talas (like Ashtottara sata (108) talas, Melakartha talas), beats from other genres of music (like Western or Latin, for example), or create your own beats and share them with others! Talanome currently comes preloaded with the Simhanandana Talam (the longest talam with 128 aksharas!), some common beats along with talas that Pete Lockett, a world renowned multi-percussionist, created and has kindly shared with us! Importing and exporting talas are a breeze, and you can share easily via email. (Currently, only email sharing is supported). Version 6.0 supports fractional beats, and creating smaller "Tala Phrases" which you can use and reuse in your beat pattern, which affords even greater control over creating any beat pattern you like!

* Choose from 20 to 350 Aksharas per minute, with fine grained control over tempo and the ability to easily change the kalam by speeding up or slowing down the tempo by a factor of 2.
* With the “Tap Tempo” feature, you can tap out the rhythm and Talanome will set it to the appropriate value!

* Nadai and Kalai support.

* A unique visual representation of the tala using animation to facilitate following along with the beat. Keep track of the beat with bold beat numbers.

* Rich sound options:
* Great natural sound derived from a real Manjira and Nattuvangam
* Select from a pitch of 1 kattai (C) all the way to 7 kattai (B)
* Choose a hand clapping sound for a shruti neutral sound
* Ability to play alternate nadai sounds (mimicking Chapu talam voicings)

* Talanome supports background play, so it keeps playing in the background even when minimized. Its sounds can also be mixed with other audio/apps, so if you want to practice with your favorite song or instrument, you can still keep the perfect beat! With version 5.5 and higher, inter-app audio is also supported on iOS7+. This will enable you to integrate Talanome with even more audio/apps!

* Volume control - control the volume level directly from the app. Useful when mixing with other audio/apps. Turn down the volume completely if you only want visual cues.

* Get detailed information about each Tala
* Learn more about Carnatic Talas in the reference section

* Fits in your pocket - no bulky boxes to carry around and it is a multi-functional educational tool to boot!
* Supported on the iPad as a native app

Like any good metronome, Talanome keeps a precise beat, which is important when you are trying to hone your skills, either while singing, playing a percussion instrument or dancing. With Talanome's sound engine, you get the precision of timing that you need and ought to expect!

6.0.1 버전의 새로운 기능

* Fixed problem with audio stopping when screen locks
* Fixed memory growth

The above will fix any issues with your audio stopping after some time (5 or 10 minutes), and should make Talanome more robust and responsive!


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iPad 스크린샷 3
iPad 스크린샷 4
iPad 스크린샷 5
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이 앱은 iPhone 및 iPad 전용입니다.
  • USD 10.99
  • 카테고리: 음악
  • 업데이트:
  • 버전: 6.0.1
  • 크기: 10.6 MB
  • 언어: 영어
  • 개발자:

호환성: iOS 8.0 버전 이상이 필요. iPhone, iPad 및 iPod touch와(과) 호환.

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