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WinTOTAL for iPad

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**NOTE: WinTOTAL for iPad will only work with WinTOTAL Aurora. The companion app for TOTAL 2013 is TOTAL for iPad 2013.

Meet WinTOTAL for iPad, is the perfect companion app for WinTOTAL.

You can sync files started in WinTOTAL right to your iPad, or begin a new report onsite. And with the iPad’s built-in GPS and mapping, your subject is accurately mapped for you, and your comparables' addresses are scrubbed against our own GeoData servers.

Filling out onsite inspection forms is done with a few taps of your finger, and every data gathering screen is completely customizable to fit your individual workflow. The large screen on the iPad provides plenty of room for QuickLists and Forms to be side-by-side. By syncing QuickLists back and forth to your desktop, you can virtually eliminate redundant typing in the field.

WinTOTAL for iPad also includes a customizable Critical Fields list, so you can always be sure you gathered all the data you need while in the field and at the property.

WinTOTAL lets you quickly and easily draw accurate floorplans with your fingertip -- even complex properties. Thanks to the multi-touch interface, drawing walls, defining areas, and placing labels and symbols is as easy as “swipe and tap.”

You can also add photos of the subject and comps, or anything you need to document, using the iPad’s camera. And if that’s not enough, use WinTOTAL iPad’s handy voice notes feature, which saves your voice recordings in your Digital Workfile in WinTOTAL.

When you’re done, WinTOTAL iPad sends the entire file back to your office and syncs it into your WinTOTAL desktop. That’s great if you have office staff that can pick up the file and run with it, which can significantly cut your turn times.

Not a WinTOTAL user? No problem. Simply e-mail the file to yourself as a PDF, or use our open XAP file format to create a custom import of the data, photos, and sketch images. And don’t forget to ask your current formfilling vendor to integrate WinTOTAL iPad for you. It’s free to them, and saves you time.

Know what else is great about WinTOTAL iPad? It’s absolutely free. Download it today.


Founded in 1985, a la mode's mission-critical software is used by hundreds of thousands of appraisers, agents, inspectors, and lending pros to complete the nation's real estate transactions. To learn more, visit

2013.09 버전의 새로운 기능

Changes to make this app compatible with iOS7.

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WinTOTAL for iPad
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  • 무료
  • 카테고리: 비즈니스
  • 업데이트: 2013.09.18
  • 버전: 2013.09
  • 크기: 5.1 MB
  • 언어: 영어
  • 개발자: a la mode, inc.

호환성: iOS 4.3 버전 이상이 필요. iPad과(와) 호환.

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