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Vero - True to life

Featured as best new app in over 100 countries, Vero makes sharing online more like real life. That means naturally choosing which posts get seen by who – whether it’s a photo, a song, a book or movie recommendation, a cool restaurant or a great article.

Now you can share more, always being sure who will and won’t see your posts.

• Categorise your contacts as ‘close friends’, ‘friends’ or ‘acquaintances’.
• Stay in full control of who hears what about you.
• Share experiences freely with your different contact groups.
• Branch out and publish your Vero posts to your Facebook and Twitter audience.
• Photos, Links, Music, Movies, Places and Books shared with you by your contacts are classified into collections.
• Send and receive instant messages with those you’re connected to.

*Named by Apple in their ‘Best New Apps’ category within 159 countries, September 2015

Questions, concerns or feedback?
Get in touch. Email support@vero.co

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버전 1.0.26

Bug fixes and improvements

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Hi there,

Is there anything I can help you with your Vero experience?


Vero Support

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Hi There,

Thank you for your message.
We really appreciate your positive feedback as we are always trying to improve Vero.
We now have a new App version that has been released and I would like to invite you to update your App.
If you have any issues please contact us on support@vero.co.

Vero Support

Why is it in japanese while im korean?


I download it in korean setting appstore why is this show up with in japanese. ???? Seriously need to fix this very soon at least it should be in english. So hard to change langUage !!!

개발자 답변

Hi There,

Thank you for your message.
We appreciate your feedback as we are always trying to improve Vero.
Our engineers are always developing, so new features will continue to become available.
I will send your feedback on to them!

Vero Support


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