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Wheel of Destiny

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Are you ready to be a hero? Turn your life into an adventure, full of self-discovery and meaning with this inspirational app that takes you on the Hero's Journey through World Mythology.

This updated version now has a Favorite Section which allows you to save chosen cards for future reference!

From the makers of several top ranking Lifestyle apps, Wheel of Destiny reveals how mythical themes provide insight into the meaning of your dreams, offering you a tool for problem solving, intuitive guidance, and spiritual insight.

Choose from a Daily Archetype, a Past, Present, and Future reading, or simply delve into the timeless wisdom of 48 ancient heroes who will inspire you to achieve your fullest potential.

Written by Kari Hohne, author of "The Mythology of Sleep: The Waking Power of Dreams" and the popular Lifestyle app ~ "Way of Dreams Interpretation Tool."


Discover how the cryptic clues in your dreams reveal who you are and what lies ahead. Explore how synchronicity becomes more active as you awaken to your true potential.
Using this app, you can solve the riddles presented by dreams where you are guided to fulfill your destiny, much like the hero of our ancient myths.


Explore current challenges and opportunities as you transform your life into a grand adventure! Additional features of Wheel of Destiny include:
* The story behind Archetypes, their symbolism, and how they empower you
* Six questions each presents to guide you toward greater fulfillment
* How Trickster themes overturn self-limiting ideas by jarring the status quo
* How Shadow themes reveal nightmares to be a sign of awakening to your power
* A compilation of the inspirational ideas from virtually every culture around the world
* How the constellations influenced our myths and what the sky reveals today

Are you curious to see the answers that this app will reveal to you? Download Wheel of Destiny today and heed the call to fulfill your dream!

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This version contains updates to support iPhone5 and iOS8.


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Wheel of Destiny
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  • 버전: 1.2
  • 크기: 38.8 MB
  • 언어: 영어
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