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【 iOS 8 Support 】
Writron is ideal for text writing that require polish.
E-mail for work, reports, blogs, love letter, tweet, and so on. Please try.

Writron is text writing app that specializes in one-handed input.
You can manipulate the text by swiping or tapping the tool button.
Troublesome character selection & cursor movement be resolved comfortable by the swipe control.
Able to send a text to other apps and Web services easily.
Powerful Undo & Redo.
Multiple clipboard.
Rapid Launch.
In addition, there are more features to support pleasant document creation.

・"AppFresh Daily - One of the best app August 18, 2011." -
・"Open In" function supported
・ TextExpander Fill-In supported

== Features ==

• Able to control the cursor position and selection range freely by swipe the cursor button.

• Able to send the selected text to Safari and Mail, Twitter apps, dictionary apps and so on. (Preset apps are listed at the bottom of this text.) (Able to edit and register destination. URL Scheme format of the app is required to register. Please search on the web or ask the developer.)

• The text that copied is stored in multiple clipboards to reuse . Also can be protected. (Tap the Lock icon by another finger)

• Powerful Undo & Redo. You can undo dozens of characters from one character by one swipe. Until 2000 times before.

• Smooth screen zoom.

• Character size adjustment. 3pt - 36pt. Two size settings are remembered. These are swapped by tapping the button.

• Automatic select range by tapping the cursor button. (word → Sentence → line → from the top → invert → all → deselect)

• Able to import the text from other apps. (This apps URL Scheme is "writron://?text=YOUR_TEXT")

• Always display the total number of characters, the number of selected characters, the cursor position.

== System Recommended ==
iPhone4S, iPod touch 4G

== System Requirements ==
iPhone 3GS or iPod touch 3G or later
iOS 5.1 or later

== Specification ==
• Not supported screen rotation.
• Auto saving text. (when terminate the app, when not operated for a few seconds)
• There is only one page. If you want to keep the contents, please use the protectable clipboard.

== URL Scheme of Writron ==
(The text must be URL-encoded.)
(position= 0:Replace 1:Insert 2:Head 3:Tail 4:Clipboard)

== Preset Destinations ==
Mail, SMS, Map, Search(Safari), Chrome, Sleipnir, iTranslate, Wikipedia*, Wikiamo, Wikipanion, Wiktionary*, Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, EBPocket Pro, Dropbox**, Evernote**, GoodReader**, Notebooks, DraftPad, Twitter*, Twitter for iPhone, Twibird, Twitterriffic, Twittelator, Tweetings, Birdfeed, Echofon, Osfoora, SimplyTweet, Seesmic, SLPRO for iPhone
(*: Via Safari) (**: Via OpenIn)
(Able to send to various Web service through Safari by using URL that begin with "http". )
(URL Scheme format of the app is required to register new app. Please search on the web or ask the developer.)

== News & Suppor ==
@m_hakozaki on Twitter

1.05.01 버전의 새로운 기능

• Bug fix

• iOS 8 support
• Added line height setting
• Adjustment
※ Require iOS 7.1 or higher from this version.

• TextExpander 2.3 support

• Added sound effects ON/OFF setting
• Adjustment

• TextExpander support on iOS 7
• TextExpander Fill-In support
• Adjustment
※ Require iOS 5.1 or higher from this version.

• iOS 7 support
• Added settings
(Status Bar On/Off, Auto-Rearange Clipboards On/Off, Clear Clipboards, Swipe Control Speed Adjustment, etc.)
• Added Help
• Adjustment
※ Require iOS 5.0 or higher from this version.

• Adjustment
• Bug fix
• Added a new key of Insert Position to URL scheme of Writron
e.g.) writron://?text=TEXT&position=0
position= 0:Replace 1:Insert 2:Head 3:Tail 4:Clipboard

• iPhone5 (4-inch Retina) support
• TextExpander support
• SMS URL-Scheme support
• Upper limit of the destination has increased. (12 → 24)
• Bug fix

• "Open in" function support
• iOS 5 support
• iOS 5 built-in Dictionary and Tweet support
• Adding selection screen the incoming text insertion point
• When updating the list, listing the apps increased
• Able to embed Text multiple times in the scheme
(format: [TEXT] or [TEXT:~] (~ is max num of chars))
• Able to embed date in the scheme
(format: [DATE:~] (~ is Unicode-compliant date string. e.g. [DATE:yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm:ss] ))

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iPhone 스크린샷 3
iPhone 스크린샷 4
iPhone 스크린샷 5
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  • USD 3.29
  • 카테고리: 생산성
  • 업데이트:
  • 버전: 1.05.01
  • 크기: 4.9 MB
  • 언어: 영어
  • 개발자:

호환성: iOS 7.1 버전 이상이 필요. iPhone, iPad 및 iPod touch와(과) 호환.

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