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Xin Haizhou

Artdepot Co., Ltd. 제작

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This App contains photographs of all Xin Haizhou’s artworks since 1982, including those that have been shown for many times on international exhibitions and those been collected by notable artistic organizations and collectors.

This App also contains reviews and interview articles from five world-famous critics and curators, in which Xin has made a vivid depiction of his artistic experience as well as featured interpretation of his own artistic creation and concept.

This App presents photographs of Xin at his sole exhibition, at his studio as well as in life.

Xin Haizhou's Artworks Show:
- Xin Haizhou’s works are always tinged with a pessimistic tone which is for the most part, the characteristic disposition and temperament of the artist.
- Among all the interesting, roaring and astonishing young painters in China today, Xin Haizhou marks a very special position. Mainly a position of an aesthetic truth. A truth about the phony world man has to live in today. With verve and zeal this peculiar artist exposes unique and extraordinary maps of the present states of consciousness that touches all individual feeling and thinking. He does so in analyzing his contemporary fellow me and women. He looks into the wide opened eyes of his friends and colleagues, he puts their many hidden dreams, wishes and drives into the lines and into the complex layers of overwhelming colors and presents all this to the public view.
- And in the openness of the public Xin’s figures become alive. They look back at the viewer, they silently respond to his own questions and longings. In doing so, they reveal their inside, which encompasses the same questions and problems that all men have, yesterday, today and tomorrow. His paintings depict the anthropological states of human existence. Not analytically, not scientifically, but artistically. With his special use of the various subtleties of colors he changes the perceptions of those viewers who are searching in paintings more then just reflections or projections of their own truths.
- Xin Haizhou’s pictures, especially his newest ones around 2000, open a whole hemisphere of all the appealing sights of all the different changes, bias and hues of the over-complex realities of the modern psychic states of feeling, thinking, behaving, acting – and of being. Behind the masks of the faces of his protagonists there are the same feelings and strivings that man always had: emotions like love, anxiety, anger, friendship, hate, aggression, joy, jealousy etc.

App Features:
- 300 pieces of artworks since 1982;
- Full round Photographs, including artist in life, at studio and exhibition sites;
- 20 super-size HD digital artworks regularly updated, containing Xin’s electronic signature;
- Xin’s Biography, resume, reviews by critics and videos of his reviews or works;
- Sharing with friends on Twitter, Facebook and Sina Microblog;
- All artworks available for sale on

The App is operated in iOS 4 or higher edition operation system. The digital artworks require network supporting for super-sized HD photographs. Please keep connected to the network while downloading.

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Xin Haizhou
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