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Lyon, France's contribution to the post-metal movement, Overmars began appearing on split EPs in 2002 and recorded their first album, Affliction, Endocrine...Vertigo, in 2005, immediately distinguishing themselves with an oppressive, droning, oftentimes sludgy interpretation on the genre. At the time, Overmars' lineup consisted of vocalist Xavier, guitarists Antoine and Pierrick, keyboardist Bruno, bassist Marrion, and drummer Ben, and such was their ambitious vision that next album, 2007's Born Again, was comprised of a single 40-minute song suite as challenging as the post-metal scene had witnessed up to that point. The following year saw the release of another split EP (this time with Icos) and an EP entitled Büccolision, but recent reports had the band's lineup reduced to a quartet, leaving some doubt as to what Overmars' next move might be. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia

    Lyon, France

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