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Born in Milan a few days before Christmas 1972, Marco Castoldi started taking piano lessons before he entered high school, though he also took interest in bass and singing. In 1992 he joined up with keyboardist and saxophonist Andrea Fumagalli and guitarist Marco Pancaldi and formed Bluvertigo (eventually drummer Sergio Carnevale came in, too, and Pancaldi was replaced by Livio Magnini). After releasing three albums with the band, Castoldi, who as a musician went by the name Morgan, decided to strike out a solo performer, issuing Canzoni dell'Appartamento in 2003. The next year he worked on the soundtrack to the film Il Siero della Vanità, followed in 2005 by his reinterpretation of Fabrizio De André's classic 1971 album Non al Denaro, Né all'Amore, Né al Cielo. In June of 2007, Morgan reemerged with his own solo work on the record Da A ad A. ~ Marisa Brown

    Milan, Italy
  • BORN
    23 December 1972

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