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Hailing from Davenport, IA, Marlboro Chorus is the accidental dream of multi-instrumentalist B. Patric (born: Pat Stolley). What started out as an experiment in his basement ended with Patric finding himself with more than a few stunning pop tracks. Tripmaster Monkey drummer Marty "Rudie" Reyhons jammed on a few sessions while Driver of the Year drummer Justin Parris (aka the Emperor Justinian) chimed in on Marlboro Chorus' developing jangle pop goodness. Patric befriended local pianist Rick Stoneking to lend his expertise as well. During this time, he, Parris and Gary Heitman founded their own label, Future Appletree in fall 2002. Good Luck, loaded with glorious Americana, '60s pop/rock, and indie rock sensibilities, debuted in early 2003. Their Entangled EP appeared in spring 2004. By fall, the band's sophomore full-length, the adventurous hi-fi pop sounds of Youth Medium, was released. ~ MacKenzie Wilson

    Davenport, IA

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