Alex Gordon

As a musician that has put in plenty of time on the other side of the control booth, Alex Gordon is quite well-qualified to dabble in the electronic-fusion-pop genre. He started out in the West Coast alternative rock scene, worked as a recording engineer for many '90s hip-hop groups, and later spent time in Tokyo studios working on avant-garde art music. It created an eclectic resume indeed, and one that would prove useful in Gordon's later electronic efforts. His debut album, Small Craft Warning, drew on many of Gordon's influences and earlier experiences. It is laid-back yet funky, with undertones of rock and modern art music. Former Sugarcube Siggi Baldursson and Los Angeles electro-guru John Tejada were among the musical co-conspirators who helped create the album. Small Craft Warning got airplay from Los Angeles radio stations and charted in the Top Ten on two CMJ charts (Top 200 and RPM).

Gordon continues to perform and promote extensively in support of his debut album and its follow-up, Warm Tuesday. Most of his performances take place in and around Los Angeles, his longtime residence, but the artist works hard to establish a more far-reaching presence. Bi-coastal radio support, several 12" remixes, and a much-coveted spot on the Abercrombie and Fitch website's music section indicate that his efforts are working. The underground dance music scene is notoriously picky and more than a bit over-saturated, but thanks to the knowledge gained from approximately a decade in the biz, it would appear that Gordon has developed a signature sound with public appeal. ~ L. Katz

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