The Ambassadors had but one small R&B hit in 1969, "I Really Love You," a dramatic ballad in the Philadelphia soul style with an ascending horn riff, co-written by Kenny Gamble. They did stay together long enough to do an album, Soul Summit, which featured several musicians — including Leon Huff (on piano) and Earl Young (drums) — who were instrumental to the Gamble-Huff productions that epitomized the peak of Philadelphia soul in the early '70s. The Ambassadors didn't project a ton of personality, but then again, personality wasn't the long suit of some other big Philadelphia soul acts; perhaps if they'd been given excellent material, they would have been far more successful. As it is, the rare Soul Summit LP, reissued on CD in 1998, is a notable find for those who love the Gamble-Huff sound and want an accomplished example that they might not have previously heard.

    Philadelphia, PA

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