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Eggs was one of Washington, D.C.'s best indie-pop bands of the early 1990s, but were often lost in the shadows of their labelmates Unrest, another excellent D.C. indie-pop group of the time. Led by Andrew Beaujon, formerly of Scaley Andrew, Eggs carved out a niche for themselves in the early 1990s among a slew of other sugarcoated guitar-pop bands that followed in the wake of Unrest. Their first album, Bruiser, explored the more easy-listening cocktail-lounge side of guitar-pop, a sub-subgenre Unrest leader Mark Robinson would later inhabit with Grenadine, his collaborative side project with Tsunami's Jenny Toomey. On Teenbeat Exploder 96, Eggs became a little more ambitious in their musical endeavors, releasing Teenbeat's first-ever double album, which was filled with simple lounge pop, as well as more experimental tracks that employed found sound. They broke up in 1995, with each member following their own musical direction. ~ Kembrew McLeod

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