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Four Below Zero, a New York-based quartet consisting of Dornell Chavous, Moses McNeil, Cleveland Dickerson, and Harry Watson, had grandiose dreams of stardom that went unfulfilled. Armed with song, they caught the interest of Patrick Adams and signed with the producer/writer/arranger's P&P label in 1974; the song, "Tell Me Why (We Can't Be Friends)" made some noise in New York but never made a whimper outside the city. A second P&P single, "My Baby's Got E.S.P.," written by Adams, John Cooksey, Eugene Lemon, and Fay Hauser, dropped in 1976 and did better locally. This enabled Adams to license it with Roulette Records for mass distribution that unfortunately failed to amass much of anything other than providing some cash for uniforms and a few doodads. Popular with collectors, you can find it on some select Northern soul compilations. Nothing else by Four Below Zero connected and they soon disbanded. McNeil delved into songwriting, albeit unsuccessfully. Fay Hauser, one of the writers of "ESP," recorded solo before embarking on a successful acting career. ~ Andrew Hamilton

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