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The Westside Daredevils are a Knoxville, TN, alternative pop band formed in 2000 by co-frontmen Brett Cassidy and Jeff Caudill, lead guitarist Grey Comer, drummer Morrie Rothstein, and bass player Brandon Smith. The group places an emphasis on melodic, upbeat tunes featuring three guitars and three-part harmonies, and shoots for fairly complex, ear-pleasing arrangements that can swing from sunny pop to psychedelic-tinged rock. After building up a following touring the Southeast, the Westside Daredevils released their debut, All Things Small Produce a Spark, in 2002 on Lynn Point Records, the Knoxville label run by former V-Roys Jeff Bills and Mic Harrison. The follow-up, Twilight Children, arrived in April 2006. ~ Erik Hage

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