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About King Prawn

Blending styles like ska, punk, and hardcore, King Prawn delivers a contrasting type of boisterous alternative rock & roll. Formed in the midst of the '90s in London by vocalist Al-Farabi Rumjen, Barbar Luck (bass), Aryan Devil (guitar), and Nick Swindonboye (drums), King Prawn is set to disclose new frontiers in the punk and hardcore styles. In 1996, the band surfaced with its first major recording, the album First Offence, with production credits going to Skunk Anansie's Ace. The record ultimately created a considerable buzz all across the local underground music scene, therefore granting Prawn with a sizeable and ever-growing fan legion, not only in London, but also all across the U.K. Three years after and following the release of several 7" records, the British squad issued its second full-length record, the live album Fried in London, that hit record stores in 1998. Your Worst Enemy, Prawn's third recording, showed up in 1999, one year before yet another record, the EP Day in Day Out. The three-song EP Someone to Hate arrived in 2000, and Surrender to the Blender, the band's second full-length record, came out that same year. ~ Mario Mesquita Borges

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