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Her only previous musical performance experience being a guitar trio that played at church, Joan Morbée formed Senses in 1994. In 1995, after much work on writing and a lineup change or two, Senses recorded a demo. The demo got a good response, but tensions within the group lead to a split. At this point, Morbée decided to take a bit of a break to regroup. Upon lining up new musicians and rehearsing, the group started playing gigs and talking about recording a full CD. Tensions again began to beset the group, and in 1996, they broke up again. By late 1996, however, Morbée had brought together another group of musicians and finally finished the CD that she had been working on for so long. The resulting CD, Fields Unsown, shows that Morbée is a strong songwriter and musician and that Senses may well have a very solid future ahead of them. ~ Gary Hill

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