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Swedish indie pop combo Able was formed in 1993 by singers/guitarists Johan Gille and Lotta Nyblad while attending Uppsala University; with the additions of guitarist Anders Nilsson, bassist Bo Larses, multi-instrumentalist Erik Hellström and drummer Jakob Frodell. The group signed to the Harry Lime label to issue its 1996 debut LP Prestigeless Lovesounds. By the following autumn, Able was in shambles following the dissolution of Gille and Nyblad's romance, although both continued writing new material; the country-influenced songs that were ultimately recorded remained in limbo, however, as Harry Lime went bankrupt. After the same fate befell Able's new label, the famed North of No South, the band finally signed to the American indie Blackbean and Placenta Tape Club to release the sessions in late 1999 as Lost Love Songs. ~ Jason Ankeny

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