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Shawn Hatfield's Twerk project is allied with the growing minimal/experimental techno scene in California, led by producers Kit Clayton and Sutekh. Originally based in Santa Cruz, Hatfield began DJing hip-hop in the late '80s and soon moved on to acid jazz. After moving to San Francisco during the early '90s and immersing himself in the harder edge of techno, he gave up DJing in 1997 to begin recording. He recorded his first single ("Los Colores") with mixing partner DJ Cesar, and released it through the Bay Area's Organised Noise label. The Twerk EP Tide of Events gained release on Britain's Planet Rhythm later that year, and Hatfield also completed an EP for Organised Noise, Enemies of the State. He collaborated with Sutekh and Safety Scissors on the Deadpan Escapement LP for Belief Systems, and released singles for Cytrax and Delay (both affiliated with Clayton and Sutekh). Germany's Force Inc released Twerk's debut full-length Humantics in early 2000. Now I'm Rendered Useless appeared the following summer. ~ John Bush

    Santa Cruz, CA
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