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About psycho-baba

Psycho-Baba is one of a growing contingent of bands that has been dropping hefty supplies of dynamite on traditional connotations of Japanese music. The group's strength is their innovative mixture of Indian sitars, tablas, drums, and effects. While most Japanese bands are a direct reaction to American culture, Psycho-Baba ventures outside the norm, borrowing largely from the hypnotic trends of Europe and the traditional sounds of Southwest Asia. TabLoveDubLa TabLoveDubLa TabLoveDubLa, their first album, released in 1998 on Japan Overseas, is one drawn out 54-minute track. This monumental piece was noteworthy enough to catch the attention of the paragons of Japanese youth experimentalism, the Boredoms, who they opened for on a 1998 world tour. Originally led by sitar master Mhayow, tablist Ahkio, and drummer Suttgun, the threesome made quite an impression on the Boredoms. For the 2001 release, On the Roof of Kedar Lodge, Yoshimi P-We and Atr joined the band, augmenting an already impressive rhythm section.

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