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About Jason Carter

b. 1 February 1973, Ashland, Kentucky, USA. Carter started out playing guitar and mandolin, but later switched to fiddle. This change was precipitated through seeing Del McCoury’s band on television and then attending a festival in Kentucky where the band was playing. Fired with the ambition to play with McCoury, he made the instrumental switch because the band already had a guitarist and mandolinist in its ranks. It took two years before he was up to the required standard, joining McCoury in 1992. Through spending more than a decade with the McCoury band, he became popular in bluegrass circles.

Carter has also recorded with artists such as the Gibson Brothers (Bona Fide), and in 2005 he played as a member of bluegrass group WhiteHouse, other members of which include Charlie Cushman (banjo), David Parmley (guitar), Missy Raines (bass), and Larry Stephenson (mandolin). Songs in Carter’s repertoire include ‘On The Move’, ‘Carter Country’, ‘Look What The Dog Brought Home’, ‘Hiding In The Bayou’, ‘I Could Find A Way’ and ‘Back Up And Push’. (NB: Another guitarist named Jason Carter has also recorded contemporary Spanish music and world music, all for the Arc Music label.)

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