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Drawing from the chilly, nocturnal sound of 1980s post-punk and new wave acts (the Cure and New Order chief among them), the French duo Frank (Just Frank) developed out of the friendship between Chris (aka Anthem) and Kirti (aka KD). The two met when they were teenagers as students in a high school in London. Chris and Kirti bonded over their love of music, particularly death metal and post-punk. "I think the blending of these two currents led us to Frank (Just Frank)," Kirti stated in an interview with Fact Magazine. "Frank (Just Frank)…started with the intention of playing dreamy post-punk…with a ‘no compromise' approach borrowed from underground metal." The duo would go on to characterize their sound as "Brutal wave," in a nod to this uncompromising approach. Frank (Just Frank) began, ahem, making waves Stateside thanks to Glenn Maryanski (Blacklist, Chameleons Vox), who introduced the duo's tunes to his DJ set at a weekly party for New York's Wierd Records. The band was subsequently invited to play a couple shows in New York, which led Wierd founder Peter Schoolwerth to offer to release the band's debut album. That release, The Brutal Wave, came out on Wierd in early 2010. The band had a split 12" single (shared with the like-minded group Soviet Soviet) out on Mannequin Mailorder later that year. The duo took a break shortly after the single was released, as Chris moved back to the States and focused on his solo project, Anthem. ~ Margaret Reges

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