Ben Sowton

Ben Sowton manages the Seamless Recordings label and its popular Bargrooves series of mix CDs, among many other nightlife ventures. The Clapham, London, DJ-businessman foresaw the eventual shift from clubs to bars as clubbers inevitably aged and sought a more intimate, relaxed setting. His wager paid off in spades when he opened a popular DJ bar (The White House) and inaugurated a successful label (Seamless Recordings) through which he released a trendy series of double-disc deep house mixes (Bargrooves). For each Bargrooves release, Sowton would mix the first disc and invite along a choice international DJ who also spins deep house to mix the second. The releases were themed and packaged well, creating a popular brand that quickly spread internationally, crossing the Atlantic Ocean in 2003 when Moonshine Music began distributing the series stateside. ~ Jason Birchmeier

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