This UK post-punk (or ‘positive punk’) outfit was notable for creating an almost audible ‘buzz’ in the London area before fizzling out just as rapidly. The focus of the band was Michelle Brigandage. Based in Camden, London, both she and boyfriend Richard North had been ‘faces’ at the beginning of punk in the mid-70s. The two also ran their own stall, The Art Of Stealing, in Camden Market. Michelle was able to boast of being both the first in the queue for the 100 Club ‘Punk Festival’, and of being escorted to hospital in an ambulance by Mick Jones of the Clash. The original line-up featured Michelle (vocals), Mick Fox (guitar) and twin brothers Ben (drums) and Scott Addison (bass). However, their beliefs in ‘positive punk’ were savaged by critics, notably in the New Musical Express, and the band left Michelle with only the name. Richard North, the editor of Kick fanzine (he also wrote for Zig Zag as Richard Kick and the New Musical Express as Richard North), was the first to be drafted in on bass. His assertion that he could not play was dismissed by Michelle, who added David Eaves (guitar) and Tim Nuttall (drums), before he had time to argue about it. Brigandage Mark 1 had collapsed, ironically, following North’s nearly infamous ‘Positive Punk’ piece in the NME. Unfortunately, they proved unable to capitalize on their live reputation and left little behind to testify to their talents. The Addison brothers later surfaced in acid-jazz band Corduroy, while Michelle left the music scene.

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