Deishovida, which translates to "them again!" is an interesting Austrian combo that is extremely difficult to pigeonhole. With an unorthodox lineup of violin, accordion, hurdy-gurdy, cello and electric bass they combine klezmer, classical, gypsy, Celtic and jazz to create an offbeat and artsy world music hybrid. They are frequently grounded in melody and structure but can easily drift into the esoteric, acoustic sounds championed by fellow Austrians Die Knodel or without advance warning mutate into a chaotic Lounge Lizards-like cacophony. Their debut Fast Folk has hurdy-gurdy player Matthias Loibner's imprint all over it as he did most of the composing and arranging so the point could be made that his is the lead instrument; and Loibner certainly produces some unique effects with his "crank case." Their second release Not For U is a live recording culled from appearances in Germany and Austria and brought out the improvisational tendencies of Deishovida to an even greater extent. ~ Dave Sleger