Nordpolen (Swedish for "the North Pole") is the nom du disque of songwriter and musician Pelle Hallström. His music is a curious blend of sweet, somewhat folky pop with thumping house and club-ready electronica, a more anthemic cousin to the wistful, optimistic electro-pop confections of his labelmates Air France and the Honeydrips. Born in 1987 in the bayside town of Sunnersta, outside of Uppsala, Hallström began making instrumental techno as a teenager, eventually adding lyrics as a self-proclaimed necessary means of expression. His performances in Stockholm (where he was studying in a natural sciences program) caught the attention of the Tough Alliance, who signed him to their Sincerely Yours label and co-produced his debut album, encouraging him to keep his lyrics in Swedish so as to preserve their emotional impact. Following a couple of single releases, Pa Nordpolen (At the North Pole) appeared in October 2008. ~ K. Ross Hoffman

    Sunnersta, Sweden
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