The Swedish black metal band Prophanity was formed in 1991 by singer Mathias "Farbaute" Järrebring and guitarist Christer "Grendel" Olsson; after a series of name and line-up changes the group began to solidify in 1993 with the addition of drummer Anders "Wouthan" Malmström, and early the following year they recorded their first demo. A subsequent demo titled Messenger of the Northern Warrior Host soon followed, earning significant underground attention; a track was also featured on the "Sometimes Death is Better 2, 3 & 4 compilation. After releasing the single "I Vargens Tecken (In the Sign of the Wolf)," Prophanity's ranks grew to include bassist Robert Lindmark and guitarist Nicklas Magnusson, and in the autumn of 1996 the group recorded the three-song The Battleroar. After releasing the 1998 LP Stronger Than Steel, Järrebring left Prophanity, and was replaced by singer Carl-Johan Sörman. ~ Jason Ankeny

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