Robert Carty

Robert Carty is the independent's independent. He has released 41 solo CD's on his own Deep Sky label. He also has a collaboration with Brannan Lane that is a joint release with Lane's label. (That CD -- Climatic Infusion -- is one of the best CD's of all time, regardless of genre.) Carty's career began in Kansas City, MO, where he founded Deep Sky and began creating his deeply emotional music and releasing CD's. He relocated to Murray, UT (near Salt Lake City) where he has absolutely flourished as an independent artist. From 97 through 99, he created and released CD's at the rate of about ¾ per month. His proclivity has waned in the new millennium but his virtuosity has not.

He is a multi-talented multi-instrumentalist. His list of instruments includes analog and digital synths, Native American flute, didgeridoo, guitars, tingsha, gamelan bells, sampler and various percussion instruments, shakers and rattles and, basically, any instrument he tries.

Carty is, indeed, a rare talent and a rising star that burns brighter with each new venture. He is also a class act and a true gentleman. That alone makes him a rare breed. ~ Jim Brenholts

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