Transient Waves

A mysterious Philadelphia-based trio, Transient Waves exists on the borderline between ambient electronica and trippy psychedelia without tipping too far into either direction. Clearly heavily influenced by the droning, hypnotic soundscapes of Spacemen 3 and My Bloody Valentine, Transient Waves brings very little that's new to what had already become an established style by the mid-'90s, but neither do they fail in their chosen genre. Loren Jackson's heavily processed guitar, rising and falling in Robert Fripp-style waves of gauzy sound, is the trio's sole focal point; Eric Campbell's drums and bassist Syd Tucker's breathy vocals are pushed so far into the background as to be almost inaudible. After appearances on several compilations, Transient Waves released a lengthy EP, Wading and Waiting, as part of Darla Records' ongoing set of ambient pop experiments, The Bliss-Out Series, in early 1997, with a limited edition 10" EP, You Have to Dance With the Devil, following. Later that year, the trio signed with the British experimental label Fat Cat, releasing the Born With a Body and Fucked in the Head EP, featuring remixes by U.K. producer/DJs Andy Weatherall and Steve Stasis, in December and their debut full-length, the aptly titled Sonic Narcotic, in 1998. ~ Stewart Mason

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