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About Attaque 77

Argentinean heavy metal band Attaque 77 started getting involved in the local rock scene in 1987. Strongly influenced by British punk rock, the group's first performance was as an opening act for Descontrol. In 1988, Attaque 77 participated in a compilation called Invasión 88, contributing with its songs "B.A.D." and "Sola En La Cancha." Soon after, guitarist Daniel Martínez left and drummer Claudio Leiva was replaced by Leonardo de Cecco. In 1989, the band recorded its debut album, called Dulce Navidad, produced by Michel Peyronel. Around that time, Federico Pertusi decided to leave the act and bassist Adrián Vera joined in. In 1991, Attaque 77 recorded live at Buenos Aires' Obras Sanitarias Rabioso La Pesadilla Recién Comienza, followed by 1992's Angeles Caídos, which included a cover of José Luis Perales' smash "Por Qué Te Vas." In 1996, Attaque 77 had the opportunity to open for the Ramones, while the band was touring for the last time. The following year, the group moved to California to make a new record, co-produced by Jim Wirt, having the chance to perform at some venues in the U.S. ~ Drago Bonacich

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