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Originally known as Wet Confetti, Portland, OR’s Reporter feature bassist/vocalist Alberta Poon, drummer Mike McKinnon, and guitarist Dan Grazzini. As Wet Confetti, Grazzini, McKinnon, and Poon played experimental post-post-punk, but after releasing two albums and an EP, their sound moved in a more fluid direction inspired by their town’s burgeoning electronic pop scene, exemplified by acts such as Glass Candy. In 2007, the trio’s name changed to Reporter, and the band released its first set of songs under the new moniker, Dust & Stars, in 2008. Writing and recording consistently in their home studio, as well as playing frequent shows in clubs, basements, and warehouses, made Reporter’s sound ever more sleek and distinctive on the group’s 2010 album, Time Incredible. ~ Heather Phares

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