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A noisy experimental band with "improv tendencies," AIDS Wolf initially played gigs with the Unicorns, Wolf Parade, and others in the Montreal indie scene, but their chaotic sound has much more to do with Whitehouse, PRE, and An Albatross, bands they've also shared the stage with. After touring across Canada, AIDS Wolf kicked off their first European tour in early 2006 as their debut, The Lovvers LP, was being jointly released by Skin Graft and Lovepump United. Next, they challenged members of Athletic Automaton to a "versus" record and the result, Clash of the Life-Force Warriors, landed on the Skin Graft label in early 2007. A split album with Night Wounds was recorded for the Nail in the Coffin label that year, then the band entered the studio with avant hero Weasel Walter to record the 2008 release Cities of Glass. In 2009, the band released Pas Rapport on cassette only, as well as the EP Dustin' Off the Sphynx. In 2010, AIDS Wolf released the seven-tune March to the Sea, their final album as a quartet. The band followed up quickly, releasing its first album as a trio, Ma Vie Banale Avant-Garde, in 2011. Members Chloe Lum and Yannick Desranleau also run the printing/design studio Seripop, which has been designing posters since 2001. ~ David Jeffries

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