Joseph Fraioli's early work as Datach'i gleefully smashed drum'n'bass and experimental techno to bits, feeding cute, nostalgic melodies, offbeat samples, and mangled breakbeats through massive amounts of distortion. The Brooklyn-based sound designer first appeared in the late '90s on Caipirinha Records, which issued his debut 10110101 = (Rec+Play). This was followed in 2000 by Wearealwayswellthankyou and This Is My EP, the latter of which featured remixes by Bogdan Raczynski, Mogwai, Cex, and Kid606. Caipirinha went out of business shortly afterward, but Datach'i resurfaced on Klangkrieg in 2002, sharing a split EP with Com.A as part of the label's Connected Series. Fraioli then found a natural home on Planet Mu, which released his third full-length, Mmale and Ffemale, in 2004. The album was a departure from his early material, revealing a much darker side. Where his previous albums seemed playful, this one was sinister and sometimes downright evil. His production and composition skills had improved by leaps and bounds, and he continued to evolve his sound with his next album, The Elements. Focusing more on distorted Amen breaks, the album was a split release by Canadian label Sublight and Suburban Trash Industries, the label run by German breakcore artist Noize Creator. Sublight released Datach'i's next two releases, the somewhat sparser Shock Diamonds and the more intense Black Trees digital EP, in 2006, before the label went under in 2007. Fraioli then devoted much of his time to Jafbox Sound, his audio design company which produced work for numerous films, television programs, and advertisements. He also created Jafbox Recordings, which released two digital EPs in 2008 as well as digital reissues of his out-of-print albums. It took a decade for Fraioli to begin making music as Datach'i again. An avid collector of modular synthesizers, he made several demonstration videos, and eventually wrote more than enough original compositions to release a new album. System appeared in 2016 on Timesig, the imprint run by Aaron Funk (Venetian Snares). ~ Paul Simpson

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