Comedy about a young, lively Italian-American woman and her ex-convict father who sting the Mafia and the law. Emily Lloyd ("In Country," "Wish You Were Here") and Peter Falk ("The In-Laws," TV's "Columbo") star in this high-spirited comedy about a feisty, outspoken, streetwise teenage girl growing up in Brooklyn who manages to outsmart both the mob and the law while rebuilding her rocky relationship with her father after a long separation. Oscar-winner Dianne Wiest ("The Birdcage," "Hannah and Her Sisters") is Cookie's mother who encourages the hot-tempered father- daughter duo into loving each other. Written by Nora Ephron ("When Harry Met Sally...") and directed by Susan Seidelman ("Desperately Seeking Susan," "Making Mr. Right"), Newsday calls Emily Lloyd's portrayal "bright, sassy, funny, gaudy and beautifully sketched" and WWOR-TV calls the film "a wonderful gem of a's "The Godfather" with laughs...if you're asked to see 'Cookie', you can't refuse."

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