Wild, wacky, and chomping at the bit with human-on-zombie-carnage, Evil In the Time of Heroes is a high-octane zombie apocalypse takedown -- imagine a mash-up of “28 Days Later” and “Shaun of the Dead” being directed by Timur Bekmambetov, the director of “Night Watch” and “Wanted”. Starting the action a millennia ago in ancient Greece, bloodthirsty zombies begin wreaking havoc, and only a mysterious cloaked hero (Billy Zane) and his otherworldly weapons can save them. Flash-forward to the present when Athens is once again plagued by a savage horde of the undead, and a ragtag band of human survivors are on the run as the last hope for the city's survival. Among them are an apparently immortal taxi driver, a pair of action-ready soldiers with some serious hot-blooded chemistry, and a doctor who can’t stand having to get his shoes dirty when stomping zombie heads. Meanwhile, our mysterious hero is back – but zombies are only half of the looming threat. It’s a race against time for the remaining survivors with less than 24 hours before bombs decimate Athens in an attempt to contain the zombie virus. A highly cinematic bloodbath that’s just as clever as it is gory, Evil In the Time of Heroes has it all: lighting-fast action, realistically terrifying zombies, off-the-wall humor, a healthy dose of fun, and Billy Zane.

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