Join Cluck Norris (Sean Astin), Charlie Horse (Jeff Foxworthy), Tiny Schwarzhenegger, Angelina Poultrie, Hugh Heifer, Meryl Cheep, and the wildest of barnyard pals as they set out on an out of this world adventure! When a spaceship crashes into the farmhouse, it's up to Cluck, Angelina and their friends to help save the barnyard and perhaps the universe. As their new alien friend Magic is nabbed by an Intergalactic Vulture and his rat sidekicks; Angelina calls the critters of the barnyard into action to save their friend and the farm's food supply. All the while Henrietta Cluck must try to keep her chicks out of harms way as they craft a flying machine to catch the fowl evil doers and bring their friend home. Find out if chickens really can fly... in Hatched.

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Cute CGI animals must save the farm; some cartoon violence.

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