In 1928 a small, under-resourced and untested team from New Zealand and Australia competed in what is considered the toughest sporting event in the world. These courageous underdogs became the first English speaking team to compete in the Tour de France, taking on Europe's best riders. Racing as a team of four against teams of ten, the Australasian's entry was considered, by many, a joke. One French journalist called their attempt "nothing short of murder" with some days taking longer than 20 hours. 168 riders started the more than 3,500 mile race that year... only 41 finished over 30 gruelling days! Surprisingly this remarkable story about the achievements of these brave athletes has never been told on film, until now. Phil Keoghan (The Amazing Race), the well-known television personality, adventurer and bike enthusiast, sets out to retrace the route of the 1928 Tour de France and bring history to life. Following the original course, sticking to the same schedule, while riding a vintage team bike, Phil and his team will try and average 150 miles a day for 22 days.

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