Nick Nolte stars in this brutally honest entertainment about one man'ebellion against the bureaucratic, manipulative world of professional football. Based on the popular novel by former Dallas Cowboy Peter Gent, NORTH DALLAS FORTY depicts Nolte as an aging ballplayer who, through a woman he meets, is drawn away from the masculine, violent world in which he has lived so long. In doing so, he finds himself at odds with the team'anagement. The excitement, humor and drama of NORTH DALLAS FORTY is heightened by its meticulous attention to the details of a football player private and public life and its authenticity on the playing field.

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4.5 out of 5
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20 Ratings


Critics Consensus: Muddled overall, but perceptive and brutally realistic, North Dallas Forty also benefits from strong performances by Nick Nolte and Charles Durning. Football fans will likely find it fascinating.

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