Ram Aur Shyam is a story of two men, both having the same face but two totally different personalities. Ram (Dilip Kumar), a rather shy and quiet -more keeping to himself sort of guy, while Shyam (Dilip Kumar) on the other hand is wise, brave and full of valor. Gajendra (Pran) fills up Ram with so much fear growing up, that just his one look can kill, all in hopes that when it comes to signing his wealth over to Gajendra, helpless Ram will do it without a blink of an eye. Ram overhears Gajendra plotting to murder Ram after he hands over everything, and decides to run away. On the run, and after many misunderstandings, Ram is pulled in as Shyam and Shyam is taken in as Ram. Now begins the drama, as the new and improved Ram, steps in bringing great changes. Gajendra after a while, gets suspicious of this sudden change in Rams behavior, and puts together false evidence framing Shyam (as his true identity has now been revealed) for impersonating and murdering Ram-all for the riches. Where is Ram? Has he been murdered? And, what will come of Shyam? Does Shyam prove his innocent? Watch Dilip Kumar in his first ever dual role to uncover the truth.

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