A slum landlord from Hell, Louie (Academy Award-winner and Golden Globe-nominee Joe Pesci ("Goodfellas," "My Cousin Vinny") has left his tenants living in squalor for years, but he's about to get a taste of his own medicine. Slapped with housing code violations, he has been sentenced to live in one of his own tenements until repairs are made; unfortunately the real boss is Big Lou, Louie's racist dad who refuses to pay the bills and advises him to torch the place rather than make it livable. But after finding himself tormented by rats, overflowing toilets, and his fellow tenants, who are delighted to see the landlord living in this condition, Louie begins to sympathize with the plight of those whose quality of life he has ignored for so long. Also starring Emmy-nominee Ruben Blades ("Cradle Will Rock," "The Milagro Beanfield War") and Stacey Travis ("Ghost World," "Bandits").

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